Personal and Social Development

With a focus on the social and emotional aspects of a child’s development, our program is an introduction to the learning process and a wonderful way for each child to begin a life-long love of learning

Personal Development

  • Recognize their qualities and abilities, as well as those of their classmates.
  • Become aware of their needs, points of view and feelings, and develop their sensitivity toward the needs, points of view and feelings of their classmates.
  • Understand the external rules that regulate their behavior in the different areas in which they participate.
  • Gradually acquire more autonomy.

Social Development

  • Accept their classmates as they are and understand that they all have the same rights.
  • Assume responsibilities for their actions.
  • Understand that different cultures have different needs, points of view, and beliefs that must be treated with respect.
  • Learn about the importance of friendship.
  • Understand the value of trust, honesty and mutual support.
  • Gradually internalize the rules of interaction and behavior based on equity and respect.

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