Acentral goal is that all students become proficient in using two languages for communication and learning.

The mission of Çayyolu Preschool® is to provide a dual language education for children ages 2 thru 5 in a warm, responsive, and supportive atmosphere that will allow each child to begin his social and academic journey through life.
Çayyolu Preschool®’s Dual Language is a form of education that provides content instruction and literacy to all students through two languages, English and Turkish.
At Çayyolu Preschool®, we deeply believe that when young children are exposed to different languages they are taught to be more tolerant and respectful of other cultures and traditions, which enables them to become more responsible and active citizens of the world.

At Çayyolu Preschool®, we strive to build a strong foundation for your child’s love of education. With a focus on early literacy development and supporting intellectual curiosity, along with aspecific emphasis on the bilingual educational system based on an Oxford Curriculum at Çayyolu Preschool®. We provide our children with a safe, engaging, collaborative, and creative place to learn. Our world is ever changing. At The Çayyolu Preschool®, we have a responsibility to foster an atmosphere of caring, respect, and understanding of one another and our universe. We are committed to working together; parents, teachers, and children to ensure a high quality program for all of our students.


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