Çayyolu Preschool’s students learn to communicate their understanding of mathematics through problem solving activities and discussing books with mathematical themes.

 Our core curriculum is Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach.


  • Know numbers names.
  • Use numbers in different situations that involve the use of counting principles.
  • Propose and solve problems in familiar situations that involve adding, subtraction, matching, comparing, and dividing objects.
  • Gather information about certain criteria, graphically represent the information and be able to interpret it.
  • Identify patterns in a sequence based on repetition and growth.

Form, space and measurement

  • Recognize and name the characteristics of objects and geometric shapes.
  • Build reference systems in relation to spatial location.
  • Use unconventional units to solve problems that involve measuring magnitudes of length, volume, weight, and time.
  • Identify what measuring instruments are for and gain a basic understanding of how to use them.

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