Knowledge of Natural & Social Worlds

A well-rounded curriculum provides a well-rounded learning experience for our students. Each child is encouraged to use all his/her sense to observe and explore the world around them.

The natural world

  • Observe living things and what occurs within their natural elements.
  • Experiment with different non-hazardous elements, objects and materials to find answers to questions about the natural world.
  • Formulate explanations for natural phenomenon they observe.
  • Develop predictions based on what they know and/or assume about the natural environment.
  • Participate in environmental conservation and propose measures for preservation.

The social world

  • Distinguish and explain some characteristics of their own culture and others alike.
  • Recognize that human beings are different, that we are all important, and that we have the ability to participate in society.
  • Recognize and understand the importance of human action in improving family, school, and community life.

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